About Us

Our mission is clear-cut: we're here to help needy children.  That's why our Board of Trustees, Advisory Board and Staff are all made up of people with many different backgrounds, skills and talents.  

Many are business people and corporate leaders who generously volunteer their time.  Others are parents of children we have helped - including some whose own child has succumbed to a fatal illness.  

They bring immeasurable perspective and wisdom to our non-sectarian, non-profit foundation - and truly give Rainbow Foundation a soul.
Together, we've been able to strike a successful balance between fiduciary responsibility and generous compassion


Where our name comes from

When, Like us, you spend every day working, playing and praying with afflicted children and their families, you develop a whole new attitude about like and your Creator.  We often have to trust in God Completely - because there's nothing we "mortals" can do.

Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that our name, Rainbow Foundation, was inspired by Scripture.

Back in Noah's day, after the great flood, the Lord set His Rainbow in the sky as a sign of His divine covenant with every living creature on the earth. As Genesis 9:13 tells, every rainbow we see is a reminder of God's generous promise to protect us, His most beloved creatures of all.

How children come to us

We have managed to build a network of referring agencies which now number over 200. Who are some of these referring agencies? Special Child Health Services, Monmouth Medical, American Cancer Society, Valerie Fund, Ronald McDonald House, just to name a few.

Since we all share a common concern, the network catches these children before they fall through the cracks. When the agency sends a child to us all the background work is done by that agency. So when the case reaches our desk we know the need and can respond quickly. If this network had not been built, it would mean a staff of social workers, which would increase our costs, causing us to be less effective. We do our best to hold administrative costs to a bare minimum. Our philosophy is simple, we would rather use your donation to carry out our work, which is to help the children.

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